Ethos: A city of heroes and villains in the constant struggle between good and evil. Powerful forces exert their will over a metropolis of unsuspecting and defensless people. Will today be the last day for Ethos? Will vile villains take away its freedom and saftey?
Or heroes stand in their way and unravel their foul plots? The world is watching as the noble and mighty battle against the unending tide of darkness and chaos, if not for heroes all hope would surely be lost.
Will you protect your world from falling into the shadows of villainy or will your actions eclipse it in darkness forever?


Valor and Shadows is a game setting of supervillains and superheroes for Hit Point Press's new TTRPG game called Shift. The setting features supers who dwell in a science fiction, neo-noir world with the cultural style of the early 20th century. The citizens of the planet are accustomed to seeing many beings who exhibit miraculous powers and advanced technologies clashing on a daily basis. The world's heroes are often the only thing that stands between the people and the extinction of civilization.
The book will have a destined outline of the metropolis of Ethos, it's key factions characters and locale. Along with this there will be several heros and villian to be played as or pitted against. Along with there there will be 6 one shot adventure missions three for hero PC and three for villian PCs
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