Wollo's Warren PDF

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Where to Include This Adventure Wollo’s Warren is a Fifth Edition adventure designed and optimized for four players of 3rd level. This adventure works set in a small village, a remote keep or dungeon or in a large city. Background Wollo was always a curious Kobold, ever since the day she was hatched. She wasn't remarkable to say the least, simply another in her horde. This horde did as most kobold hordes do: hunt, scavenge and become subservient to a larger master. In Wollo’s case this master was a young red dragon. Wollo hated the years that followed. The dragon was cruel and had no value for its hundreds of kobold underlings. Although her horde was better fed and had more shiny trinkets, Wollo knew life was better before the dragon. This continued until one day a group of adventurers came into the red dragon's lair. Many kobolds were slain on this day but ultimately the red dragon herself fell to the heroes. Wollo couldn't believe it! She was free! Wollo fled that lair and decided from then on only Wollo would be in charge of Wollo. Wollo traveled far away from her former home. She scavenged and hid, fled and stole, until one day she found the entrance to a large and forgotten dungeon: the lair of a long-passed wizard! Wollo began to pour through his belongings and over time taught herself rudimentary arcane magic. She played with the arcane and began crafting minions made of ooze to keep herself company. Now content with her life, Wollo is blissfully unaware of the danger and havoc her new "hobby" is creating. Quick Guide System: D&D 5E Starting Level: 3 Length: One Shot (1 session) Installation: Add-On
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