Tomb of Evelyn Crimson PDF

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Where to Include This Adventure The Tomb of Evelyn Crimson is a Fifth Edition adventure designed and optimized for four players of 3rd level. This adventure works well set in a small country village or larger metropolis area. Background Evelyn Crimson was a vile and cruel woman but most people never knew the depth of her cruelty. She gained her wealth through blackmail, slavery, and murder. Over her life, Evelyn had many husbands each meeting the same mysterious fate, after which all their riches were seized by Evelyn. Due to Evelyn's power and reach in the land, no one dared look into the circumstances which took these unfortunate men. One of her husbands: Adam Deruta was a wealthy merchant trader and after an idyllic romance, he and Evelyn bore a daughter they named Diana. By Diana’s third birthday Adam had discovered Evelyn's true nature and quickly formed a plan to send his only daughter away to live a life far from her mother. It was not long after this that Adam soon met the same fate as Evelyn's other suitors and disappeared without a trace. Quick Guide System: D&D 5E Starting Level: 3 Length: One Shot (1-2 sessions) Installation: Add-On
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