Sentient Magic Weapons PDF

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Sentient Magic Weapons | New 5E Items: These powerful weapons not only possess great power, but they also possess a mind of their own, literally! From ancient arcane foci to battle hungry blades this set is sure to add a fun twist to any treasure hoard! This set contains the following 10 magic items: • Crosshair the Light Crossbow (U) • Eagle Eye the Longbow (R) • Ergemil the Greataxe (L) • Flourish the Wand (R) • Grisly End the Longsword (R) • Impale the Spear (R) • Pester the Sickle (U) • Secrets the Dagger (VR) • Skullmasher the Warhammer (L) • Slitherfang the Staff (VR)
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