Mimic Madness PDF

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**Where to Include This Adventure** Mimic is a Fifth Edition adventure designed and optimized for four players of 6th level. This adventure is set in a magic shop and works well placed in a city or town with such an establishment. Plot The owner of a local magic shop needs help contending with a cellar full of mimics. Background The Magorium Emporium is a shop of magical articles and remedies that has been a staple of the community for generations. Malory Magorium is the eccentric owner who supplies adventurers and mercenaries with her powerful implements and enchanted items. She has been recently contacted by a duke looking to subdue a massive horde of hobgoblins that are beginning to be a problem for his barony. This duke wants Malory to create a rod of lordly might for him, a legendary item that has great martial and magical powers. In order to fulfill the commission, Malory needs a strong arcane focus to enchant an item so powerful. Malory possesses such an arcane focus: a wand she keeps in a subterranean storage area. The only issue is the storage area is currently infested with a colony of mimics. Malory is at a loss for how they got in but regardless, she cannot take on the horde alone. She has been hoping to hire a group of adventurers who shop at her establishment to retrieve her wand for a heavy payment or exchange of goods. Features • Full monster illustrations to show players • A full color battlemap • Fully illustrated magic items to find • Full dynamic lighting • Token macros to speed up play Quick Guide System: D&D 5E Starting Level: 6 Length: One Shot (1- 2 sessions) Installation: Add-On
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