Little Pests PDF

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Little Pests | New 5E Monsters: Watch your step around these small humanoids, they range from endlessly curious to completely bloodthirsty. Like the savage skourges, summoned by dark magic from the fey realm to destroy and maim others. Or the strange tentacled flibs that feed off the mental energy of sentient creatures living in dark caverns. All the monsters in this pack were designed to give you some new options for low-level creature mobs or groups of unlikely allies for your players. Monsters included range in CR from 1/4 to 1. The list of creatures in the pack is as follows: • Araknid • Bitbob • Bunyin • Flib • Gabble Gabble • Gremlin • Grosslin • Skourge • Unipod • Yelchin Quick Guide System: D&D 5E Installation: Add-On
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