Kraven's Common Magic Items II PDF

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Once again, the mighty arch-mage Kraven has revealed his wondrous collection of arcane trinkets! This set of magic items features 20 common items that have simple utilitarian functions combined with a series of silly knick-knacks for players to enjoy. The list of items in the pack is as follows: • Amulet of the Tiefling • Amulet of Youthfulness • Armor of the Beast • Hidey Hat • Instrument of Talent • Jar of Mending • Magic Spice • Midnight Helm • Never-Ending Flask • Paints of Bewilderment • Pendant of the Elven Lord • Pot of Endless Tea • Rod of Rowing • Rod of the Tinkerer • Rod of the Woodworker • Self-Shuffling Cards • Shield of Blood • Spyglass of Clear Skies • Totem of Sealed Sound • Unbreakable Quaterstaff
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