Kraven's Common Magic Item Cards PDF

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These print-and-play cards are perfect for an inexpensive, quick reference while you’re at the gaming table! They come in full color as well as a black and white version. The mighty arch-mage Kraven has revealed his wondrous collection of arcane trinkets! This set of magic items features 20 common items that have simple utilitarian functions combined with a series of silly knick-knacks for players to enjoy. The list of items in the pack is as follows: • Acid Spool • Amulet of Zapping • Bag of Melodies • Bell of Gold • Bracelet of Good and Evil • Candle of Sweet Smells • Clone Stone • Echo Scroll • Hairpin of Many Colors • Lucky Coin • Quill of Whispers • Ring of Demons • Sack of Shriveling • Stone of Mending • Stone Solution • Skyviewer • Toxic Powder • Traveler’s Compass • Wand of Sweets • Warrior’s Barb
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