Feisty Flora PDF

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Feisty Flora | New 5E Monsters Whether the adventure is in a dense jungle, an ancient arcane temple or an evil florist: these feral and carnivorous plants will add an unexpected surprise to your campaign. Like the evil gorrah root, that attacks the mind of humanoids with visions of their worst fears. Or the exotic piercing plant which impale prey with long pike-like thorns to drain the blood of their victims. All the monsters in this pack were designed to give you some new options for enemy plant creatures for locations of lush flora. Monsters range in CR from 1/8 to 5. The list of creatures in the pack is as follows: • Arrow Vine • Bog Maw • Creeping Snapper • Gorrah Root • Hungry Root • Hydra Plant • Lion Plant • Mandrake • Piercing Plant Quick Guide System: D&D 5E Installation: Add-On
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