Cursed Magic Items PDF

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Does your vile villain require an evil instrument of power? Want to tempt your players with a powerful weapon hiding a dark catch? This set of 20 magic items contains cursed weapons and objects all balanced to be just as useful as they are a hindrance. Players may have a hard time deciding if the power they receive is worth the price they pay for it: • Blade of Xiclon (R) • Claw of Wishes (L) • Cloak of Searing Pain (U) • Crown of King Alin (R) • Downfall (R) • Dusksmoke (VR) • Eye of Deceit (VR) • Helm of Hunger (R) • Helm of Sleep (R) • Mage’s Bane (VR) • Mantle of the Locus King (R) • Nightmare (R) • Rod of Destruction (R) • Saberclaw (U) • Shield of the Fallen (R) • Shroud of Death (R) • Skull of Bathilda (VR) • Thirst (U) • Trousers of Doom (U) • Witch’s Bone (VR)
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