Crazy Spiders PDF

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Crazy Spiders | New 5E Monsters Scuttling in the shadows of long forgotten caves these creature weave ensnaring webs to capture helpless victims! Giant spiders are a huge danger to any adventure and the beasts in this pack are no different. Giant spiders like the fearsome Dragon Spiders! Each with a breath attack reminiscence of their draconic color. Or the unnerving Skull Weaver, hailing from the realm of shadows, this spider weaves life draining webs and terrifying schemes! All the monsters in this pack were designed to give new options for the classic dungeon beast. Monsters included range in CR from 1/2 to 4. The list of creatures in the pack is as follows: • Acid Spider (CR 2) • Ballista Spider (CR 1) • Black Dragon Spider (CR 2) • Blue Dragon Spider (CR 2) • Goblin Spider (CR 1/2) • Green Dragon Spider (CR 2) • Maw Spider (CR 4) • Red Dragon Spider (CR 2) • Skull Weaver (CR 1) • Tremor Spider (CR 3) • White Dragon Spider (CR 2)
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