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Swarms! | New 5E Monsters

One tiny bite is nothing but how ‘bout a whole SWARM of bites? We came up with some new tiny pests that, once combined, form a terrible threat for adventurers! Like the maw that can devour any matter put in their way. Or the strange sapper jelly that can detect and reflect magic. All the monsters in this pack were designed to give you new and interesting swarms to suit a wide variety of locale. Monsters range in CR from 0 to 3. The list of creatures in the pack is as follows:
• Chaos Leech
• Swarm of Chaos Leeches
• Clockwork Stinger
• Swarm of Clockwork Stingers
• Fester Pod
• Swarm of Fester Pods
• Maw
• Swarm of Maws
• Nip Bug
• Swarm of Nip Bugs
• Ogo
• Swarm of Ogos
• Phase Quipper
• Swarm of Phase Quippers
• Sapper Jelly
• Swarm of Sapper Jellies
• Seeker Fly
• Swarm of Seeker Flies
• Soul Totem
• Swarm of Soul Totems
• Tooth Fairy
• Swarm of Tooth Fairies


• 22 new monster tokens and stats
• Token macros to make play easier
• Full color illustrations for display

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System: D&D 5E
Installation: Add-On