Magic Item Prizes

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Magic Item Prizes | New 5E Items

Looking for some fun and whimsical prizes for a fancy fae carnival? Or maybe you need merchandise for an odd vendor at a magical bazaar? This set of 20 magic items contains prizes and goods that are both quirky and useful:

• Bead of Glitter (C)
• Figurine of Wisdom (C)
• Hat of Ears (C)
• Hat of Illusions (UN)
• Invisible Gloves (UN)
• Mage in the Box (C)
• Magic Pointer (C)
• Mask of Expressions (C)
• Pipe of Bubbles (C)
• Potion of Belching (C)
• Ring of Moods (C)
• Rod of Lights (C)
• Sphere of Telepathy (C)
• Talisman of the Goblin (C)
• Tin Toy (UN)
• Toy Dragon (C)
• Toy of Infinite Hugs (C)
• Wand of Animation (R)
• Wand of Tickling (UN)
• Whistle of Bird Calls (C)


• 20 new magic items
• Full color illustrations for display

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System: D&D 5E