Kraven's Uncommon Magic Items

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Kravens Uncommon Magic Items | New 5E Items

The mighty arch-mage Kraven has revealed his wondrous collection of arcane trinkets! This set of magic items features 20 uncommon items that have that have valuable utility for any adventurer. The list of items in the pack is as follows:
• Boat of Calm Waters
• Boots of Firm Footing
• Bullseye Gloves
• Chest of Many Locks
• Dust of Immolation
• Eversmoke Pipe
• Eye of the Witch
• Fire Elixir
• Fly Googles
• Gloves of Curing
• Hemlock’s Key
• Investigator’s Glass
• Necklace of Mimicry
• Oil of Invisibility
• Periapt of Death’s Voice
• Piercing Paste
• Ring of Dungeoneering
• Spectacles of the Merchant
• Thief’s Hoop
• Wrench of Mending


• 20 new uncommon magic items
• Full color illustrations for display

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System: D&D 5E
Installation: Add-On