Dungeon Oddities III

$4.99 USD


Dungeon Oddities III | New 5E Monsters

This set contains 10 new unique and colorful monsters to fill your deepest darkest dungeons. Monsters like the biting hole that appears to be a harmless pit but is really the maw of an extra-dimensional monster. Or the vicious goring tick that silently stalks its prey before tearing it apart. These creatures were designed to add an interesting flavor to your encounters as well as new and surprising threats for players to overcome. Monsters included range in CR from 0 to 5. The list of creatures in the pack is as follows:
• Biting Hole
• Blood Weird
• Brain Mite
• Flitter Eye
• Fungoid
• Geode
• Goring Tick
• Hollow One
• Hugemunculus
• Wormrat


• 10 new monster tokens and stats
• Token macros to make play easier
• Full color illustrations for display

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System: D&D 5E
Installation: Add-On