There are many unique and fantastic characters and deities that live in the worlds of Dungeons and Dragons. Here I am sharing my take on the many iconic beings of the Forgotten Realms and beyond. Prints of my art can be found at my store by following the links below the entries - Colton Balske

Primus is the mysterious and powerful ruler of the neutral plane of law and order: Mechanus. Primus is also known as the creator of the construct race called modrons, who embark on the fabled and curious event: The Great Modron March every 289 across the outer planes of the multiverse.

Also known as the Mad Mage, Halaster is the true ruler and master of the vast dungeon network called the Undermountain. The Undermountain is located beaneath the city of Waterdeep and is filled with hoards of traps, deadly monsters, and treasures. Halaster has staved off his own demise many times by creating living clones of himself that can absorb his consciousness.

This famed beholder crimelord and leader of the Xanathar guild operates in Skullport under the mighty city of Waterdeep. There have been many beholder “Xanathars” over the centuries, the coveted title changing owners after a leader is slain by a new ambtious beholder. The current Xanathar, formerly called Zushaxx, is known for its fierce paranoia and defensive affinity for its oversized goldfish named Sylgar.