The Village of Troutshore - A FREE Settlement for D&D 5E

This quaint fishing village is famous for its large export of Bellybank River Trout. It hugs the banks of a wide and winding alpine river in the bowl of a picturesque windward valley.


Designation: Rural

Leader: Mayor

Population: 7,500

Law: Volunteer militia

Races: Mostly human, half-elf, and halfling

Walls: None

Districts: Hullward (low-income and short-term housing), The Bulwark (fishing and harbor), and Shorecap (Upper classes and Barracks)

As suggested by its name Troutshore is a fishing community and is most notable for its Bellybank River Trout, a particularly large and fat breed of freshwater fish. Located several miles from a scenic mountain range, Troutshore is a northern paradise with cool summers and mild winters made by the winds that travel up the mountains. Troutshore is fairly secluded from larger cities but is a popular stopover for travelers heading north and south from the peaks beyond. While most of the economy of the village is fishing, many other services have sprung up to serve fishers such as bait and tackle, net weavers, boat and wagon crafters, and the like. The villagers are friendly and accommodating overall as most are accustomed to a wide range of patrons from across the land passing through their streets.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters approach the town of Troutshore:

Set at the foot of a breathtaking wall of white-capped peaks, a small village hugs the quiet banks of a wide lazy river. Skinners and skiffs travel to and from its small harbor, most equipped with large nets.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters walk the streets of Troutshore:

You are met with smiles and bright faces as villagers and travelers mingle and go about their day. The smell of fish is strong in the dirt streets, which are packed with carts and barrels piled high with fat river trout. The structures here appear to be made of thatch and wood, along with various pieces of old sea vessels, likely decommissioned once sailors settled here.

The following is a list of key establishments within the settlement:

  • The Silver Scale (Inn & Tavern)
  • The Bellybank Inn (Inn & Tavern)
  • The Bowline (Tavern)
  • Hooks n’ Things (General Store)
  • Troutshore General (General Store)
  • McGillvary Skiffs (Boat Maker)
  • Troutshore Vessels (Boat Maker)
  • Shoreside Livery (Livery)
  • Militia Barracks
  • Townhall