The Town of Dunkilt - A FREE settlement for D&D 5E

This warm little town sits on the edge of a large freshwater lake. Dunkilt has a vibrant culture with a calendar full of colorful festivals and celebrations which brighten up the dull shores of the region.


Designation: Rural

Leader: Elected Council

Population: 13,600

Law: Town guard

Race: Mostly human, half-elf, half-orc, orc, goblin and halfling

Walls: Timber (30 feet)

Districts: The Dreg (slums), The Shelf (Market and Harbor), The Tip (Taverns and Festivals), Riggerton (Middle Class)

Nestled at the edge of the Blueheart Loch, Dunkilt is a quaint settlement set upon silts in a swampy lagoon. Fishing and foraging are the main incomes of Dunkilt but the town is also known for its many wonderful festivals that attract many patrons from miles around. Dunkilt was founded by a clan of Northern settlers looking to escape the harsh winters of the tundra and settle into a quiet comfortable life on the lakeside. The largest fishing haul for the town are Blue Top crabs, a local delicacy, whose meat offers a salty buttery taste. The Blue Top crab is only found in the Blueheart Loch as they mate on the small cavernous islands at the lake's center. Villagers of Dunkilt are accommodating and surprisingly jolly for their tough life on the swamp. One can expect the cause to be the many uplifting festivals that keep life vibrant and make it a wonderful place to make a life.

Some popular festivals hosted in Dunkilt:

- Early Moon: New Year festival with specular Magic displays.

- Festival of Bards: A festival of the best bards and performers across the empire.

- Blue Top Fest: Fishermen compete to haul the largest Blue Top crab. Many seafood dishes are served at local vendors after the haul.

- The Scarlet Carnival: performers from the feywild and elemental planes come to perform under a big top tent.

- Wintertide: Winter holiday celebration full of feasts, drinking and gift giving.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters approach the town of Dunkilt:

Along the edge of the vast lake is a glowing cluster of buildings set on stilts above the dark waters. You see a number of small skiffs and boats travel to and from the settlement.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters walk the streets of Dunkilt:

You are awestruck by the energy of this little podunk town. Streamers and banners of all colors decorate the streets and homes, people crowd the streets, flowing in and out of the town's festival grounds. Merchants and bards are taking full advantage of this joyous occasion with their wares and songs.

The following is a list of key establishments within the settlement:

  • High and Dry (Inn & Tavern)
  • The Thirsty Crab (Inn & Tavern)
  • Hook, Line and Sinker (Tavern)
  • For the Night (Inn)
  • The Blue Top Inn (Inn)
  • Dunkilt General (General Store)
  • Harold's Skiffs (Boat Maker)
  • Amberlight Market (Market)
  • Festival Grounds
  • Guard Station
  • High Hall (Council Hall)