The Town of Coppertop - A FREE Settlement for D&D 5E

Once a humble farming town, Coppertop has grown into an impressive crucible of technological innovation.


Designation: Rural

Leader: Mayor

Population: 15,000

Law: Constable and Guards

Races: Largely humans, gnomes, and dwarves.

Walls: Stone (30 feet tall)

Districts: The Basin (Mechanized Grain Mills, Distilleries, and Lumber Mills), Seller's Loft (Market), Golden Row (Middle Class), The Chaff (Lower Class)

Coppertop is a rural town built at the top of a tall hill. It is a unique mix of simple farming culture and mechanical technology that has given rise to industrializing the agriculture of the region. The city itself is protected by a large wall and moat that can only be traversed by one of the city’s two mechanical bridges. Along with the walls and moat, several mechanical manned ballistae watch the walls of this steadily growing settlement. Coppertop has a similar history to many rural settlements: a clan of families erected a small homestead that grew steadily over generations. Coppertop’s history took a new turn when a league of dwarven inventors settled in town, coming from deep underground. Their skills helped progress the settlement's adoption of technology and create an economic boom. Soon more inventors from larger cities, wishing for a slower pace, came to live in Coppertop and the breathtaking countryside. Many citizens here tend to be warm, curious, and agreeable, they are open to inventive and crazy thinkers and love a good problem to solve.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters approach the town of Coppertop:

A short stone wall has been built around a settlement at the peak of a steep hill. Strange windmills and weathervanes sprout from its skyline as does a fog of chimney smoke. Around this town is scenic farmland settled in the basin of a river valley.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters walk the town of Coppertop:

Each home in town appears to have a wind vane that spins lazily in the mid-day breeze. The streets are busy with ordinary wagons but also feature caravans with mechanical beasts and chimneys. Several large windmills within the walls are hooked up to a tangle of copper pipes and wires.

The following is a list of key establishments within the settlement:

  • The Bob and Weave (Inn & Tavern)
  • The Copper Scallion (Inn & Tavern)
  • High and Dry (Tavern)
  • Hellerton's Mill (Grain Mill)
  • Thrax & Sons (Lumber Mill)
  • The Mage's Trunk (Magic Shop)
  • The Hall of Marvels (Tech temple)
  • Draden's Forge (Blacksmith)
  • Wanda's Works (Tinkerer)
  • Constable Station
  • Coppertop Townhall