The Top 10 Best Utility Magic Items in D&D

While there are many powerful magic weapons to aid fighters and spellcasters in D&D, but there is always a value in utility when it comes to magic!

While there are many powerful magic weapons to aid fighters and spellcasters in D&D, but there is always a value in utility when it comes to magic!

Within the game of Dungeons and Dragons, power is often top of mind for a lot of players. While the combat strength of a PC is fundamental (and very fun to wield) a cleverly used magic item with great utility can really help get a party out of a very bad situation. I have compiled a list of the top 10 most useful utility magic items from the Dungeon Masters Guide (5th edition).

10. Chime of Opening - This little device has the ability to open any door, lid, or lock. For a crew of treasure hunters, this is greatly useful as locked doors and chests are a common bane on their journeys.

9. Portable Hole - This 6-foot-diameter piece of black silk has the ability to transform into a 10-foot-deep extra-dimensional hole. A ton of stuff can be thrown into the opening after which a person can simply fold up the cloth and its contents remain safe in the pocket dimension. The portable hole is very useful for raiding treasure hoards or carrying a large number of supplies.

8. Driftglobe - These small glass orbs have the ability to shed bright light for better visibility. Not only this but these orbs can be commanded to float 5 feet in the air near their owner, which is useful as a never-ending torch for dark places. On top of this feature, the globe can cast the daylight spell once per day. This spell replicates the sun's rays, bringing vibrant light to deep dungeons and caverns where many creatures cannot handle it, giving you an advantage in combat.

7. Broom of Flying - It's pretty easy to see the appeal of a flying broom, not only can obstacles be avoided but you can also gain an advantage in combat or make an easy escape as required. Not only that but you can save those spell slots from needing to cast the spell fly on yourself or party members.

6. Boots of Elvenkind - These boots are the perfect footwear for rouges and rangers looking to stay quiet and hidden. Not only do they silence all your footsteps, but do also not leave footprints and grant advantage on Stealth checks.

5. Immovable Rod - One of the more unique utility items is the immovable rod. This item calls for great amounts of creativity from players as it can have a multitude of uses. The function of the rod is fairly simple: when the button on it is pressed the rod is locked in space and becomes nearly impossible to move. The possibilities are seemingly endless: blocking doors, a creating step up, stopping a fall, or even holding up another object, this fun object is great in many circumstances.

4. Decanter of Endless Water - As its name suggests this item provides an endless source of fresh water, meaning players will never have to forge for it while on their journey. Not only this but the bottle can be used offensively by producing a massive water geyser that can push back foes.

3. Ring of Feather Fall - A useful item for nearly any character as large falls are a constant danger while adventuring. This ring allows you to cast the spell feather fall on yourself turning a fatal fall into a survivable one.

2. Periapt of Wound Closure - Characters take a lot of hits during their travels. This item helps stave off death and heal some of a character’s vigor as well. When a character’s hit points are reduced to zero, this necklace stabilizes them at the start of their turn, keeping them from making death saving throws. As an added bonus when a character heals with hit die, they gain the maximum points possible.

1. Bag of Holding - The ultimate utility and one of the most famed items in D&D, this magic satchel hosts a pocket dimension that can hold up to 500 pounds of goods and items. The bag of holding is an invaluable storage option that is easy to access and carry. It's a must-have for any adventuring party.

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