The City of Braemark - A FREE Settlement for D&D 5E

This sprawling seaside metropolis has many temples in honor of lawful and good deities. While some citizens are pious there are many people of all beliefs.


Designation: Urban

Leader: Elected Council

Population: 26,050

Law: Stewards of Braemark (City Guard)

Races: Largely humans, dwarves, and half-elves with an eclectic mix of all other races.

Walls: Stone (50 feet tall)

Districts:  The Ward (Slums), Port of Braemark, The Row (Temples and Market), Graniteway (Middle and Lower Class), and Valor’s Run (Upper Class, Council Hall, and Barracks)

On the coast of the beautiful Golden Sea, Braemark is a bustling port city with a harbor that moves many goods to and from lands far across the ocean. Founded nearly two centuries ago by the valiant Braemarian Cavaliers, this city has a history of honor and faith, playing host to many temples of lawful and good-aligned deities. The Braemarian Cavaliers were a group of adventurers who saved the land against a legion of dragons who sought to destroy the citizens living there. After their retirement, they set up their homes on the coast, and soon after a small township grew, attracting those who wished for the safety of the famed heroes. Presently the city is protected by the Stewards, guards who are dressed in dark brown leather armor with yellow trim. The economy of Braemark is largely based on the service of merchant vessels and the vast trade goods that move in and out. Many citizens here tend to be pious in their views, as aligning with the deities who protect the settlement, but overall Baremark has come to have a cosmopolitan population and temperament.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters approach the city of Braemark:

A great smooth stone wall surrounds a sprawling city on the glimmering seaside. Several visages of angelic humanoid beings have been carved into the wall supports adding a very domineering presence to the city’s approach. Just beyond the walls, you see many ships arriving and departing from a massive harbor.

Read or paraphrase the following as characters walk the streets of Braemark:

The architecture of the city is truly remarkable. You see many simple wood and plaster homes wedged between soaring stone towers and edifices, all with intricate designs depicting angles and celestial creatures. The streets are paved with stone and busy with carts, carriages, and people engaging in all kinds of lifestyles and businesses.

The following is a list of key establishments within the settlement:

  • The Cavalier Inn (Inn & Tavern)
  • The Pious Wench (Tavern)
  • High and Dry (Tavern)
  • The Saints Respite (Inn)
  • The Golden Tower (Temple)
  • Rest of the Dragon King (Temple)
  • All That Glitters (Magic Shop)
  • The Citadel (Historical Archive)
  • The Black Anvil (Blacksmith)
  • Steward Barracks
  • The Marble Halls (Council Chamber)