A Giant Infestation | A FREE 1st Level Encounter for D&D 5E

A pack of giant rats has settled in a nearby alleyway. The animals are stealing food and attacking passersby, making citizens avoid the street altogether.

Intro. This encounter is balanced for four players of 1st level in D&D 5e.
Background. A mating pair of giant rats have settled into a nearby alley and are harassing people nearby.
Hook. Characters can find this encounter in a small town or large city. They can stumble on it by chance or be introduced to it as an introductory job.
Encounter. A chorus of hissing can be heard as five giant rats skulk out of the shadows, stalking like feral alley cats. The rats attack after a few moments unless the characters can succeed on a DC 17 Charisma (Animal Handling) check to calm them down. The rats are hostile and protective of their nest (made mostly of hemp and paper scraps). If characters wish they can try to lure the creatures away with food and a DC 14 Charisma (Animal Handling) check.
Treasure. Within the nest, under piles of refuse and debris is a moonstone worth 50gp.
Development. The rats continue to attack citizens until dealt with. If the nest is dismantled after the pack is driven off the creatures do not return.